In the last, oh I dunno … decade, I’ve suspected the world we live in makes no sense. I think the video I’ve posted here probably says things better than I, but let me delve into it a little anyway.


We spend our adult lives, most of us, working in jobs we do not enjoy, doing things we have no passion for, for a goal most of us do not feel aligned with, so “we can pay the bills”. What do this mean in real terms? It means we work 40 (or for many of us, more) hours a week, earning money, so we can continue to exist and then next week, or month, or year, go on to do the same thing again, so we can go back to a job we have no passion for, to exist another week, to go back to work. “All retch and no vomit” indeed, Alan.

This is just the tip of the (melting) iceberg.

Which leads me nicely to my next point, and my next big worry about the world. For most of us, the industries in which we work and their wasteful and un-egalitarian ways of doing business have meant the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the planet suffers the most of all. Equality of opportunity, the great unifier, is feeling out of reach.

Since the beginnings of the global financial collapse at the end of 2008, through the rise of “Occupy” worldwide, to the Arab Spring, WikiLeaks and the English riots of 2011, the world has felt poised on the edge of revolution. Indeed, it seems most people are, to one degree or another, ready for a change in paradigm.

And yet, we wait.

We’ve witnessed the re-emergence of “austeritymeasures, the price of education rising while its value falls, climate changing at a more dramatic pace than we could have imagined seven years ago, corporations threatening to mine irreplaceable natural resources despite this, all while those responsible for the crises at hand take no responsibility, but certainly take home big pay cheques. (But let’s all breath a sigh of relief that thanks in part to new regulations, Wall Street’s 2013 bonuses have taken a slight dive, even though it’s not all good.)

Is anyone else feeling a little frustrated? Am I the only one who was hoping for revolution, not just so we could stop paying people to destroy the planet, but also so we could stop paying people to work in jobs that make them miserable? I think I’m not the only one who’s waiting for something big.

It feels like nothing’s really changed in the last five years (or at least not much). So let’s take a wee look at that.

Why has so little changed? What’s holding us back?

(In order to avoid a “tldr” scenario, I’m splitting this up into into several posts through the week – check back in tomorrow for a follow up.)