Of ambiguity, of change, of not knowing what’s coming next. If we leave the capitalist, consumerist paradigm behind, where exactly do we go, either as individuals or as a society? It’s why people don’t quit their jobs, why we haven’t abandoned coal or oil, and why we haven’t really changed our financial systems much at all.

It seems unlikely that we’ll evolve into a new generation of spiritual beings any time soon, like The Celestine Prophecy might have us believe. Then again, it seems even less likely we’re going to “adapt” to massive shifts in weather patterns like Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil believes, or his crazy friends over at the US Chamber of Commerce who are saying that “populations can acclimatise to warmer climates via a range of behavioral, physiological and technological adaptations”. (That’s right, this means we might evolve really really fast! Fun!)

But what is increasingly scary is the thought that nothing might change at all. Or at least, that by our inaction, or inability to do things differently, that we might be dooming future generations to live (if they can) in the kind of future only dystopian science fiction writers (oh, also now scientists) have imagined. And dystopian fiction is fun to read, but I, for one, have no particular interest in living in a Crapsack World.

Unfortunately, you can’t make one type of fear disappear by playing it off against another. The only way to dissolve fears is to face them.