For those of us who thought that wealth meant money
For those of us who thought that we could stack the deck and never have to watch it fall
For us who got confused between riches and being rich

Success is not the digits that display on the ATM
It is a growing understanding of the world.

If we never start to value meaningful connections
we will end up all alone unless
we stop buying and selling our way
to somewhere that is not a place we want to go.

Did you think your life would be a journey?
Did you imagine a never-ending adventure
where you could make yourself over and over again?

Today I am a spider
but tomorrow I’ll be a queen.

The road is always there before your feet — there’s always a choice to make and another life to lead,

if only you could see it.
If only.
If only you could be seen.

If you could think about another thing than money
or where to buy your shoes
or how to pay your rent

If you could start to pick the facts from all the lies that lie around us
If you could see the disconnect

I can’t make you do anything
only help imagine something else.

We could’ve had it all.

It’s all the pain and suffering, and all the untruths we were told in school
We were made to fit this world we didn’t manufacture
and now we think that’s all there is.

All of us are longing for something different,
somewhere we imagine that everything is beautiful and nothing hurts
And our only job in this world is to make it
(not “make it” like your parents told you)

If we could manufacture one or two dead or dying worlds
Who’s to say we couldn’t make one that lives?