Louder Than A Bomb

If you’re wondering what happened last night: NZ had a 77% voter turnout, slightly higher than in 2011 which was the lowest in a CENTURY. One thing we should all be able to agree on is that this is not the sign of a healthy democracy.

I think it was a few things that went wrong for the left, but I put a reasonably large chunk of the blame for an embarrassingly low voter turnout on our shameful, easily-manipulated media and its 3-year long one-sided, and particularly aggressive argument against anyone that challenged the Key government.

The bullshit polls, the pundits who have championed them for the last few years and the resulting self-fulfilling prophecy on election day – if you were only following the mainstream media this election you would think the left were a bunch of screaming, unreasonable liars using scaremongering to blow insignificant things completely out of…

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